As a Certified Pedorthist, Meghan provides start-to-finish treatment for your foot and lower limb pain. From a biomechanical and gait analysis through to casting and hand-crafting your custom foot orthotics, Meghan provides you with a personalized treatment – following up with you directly and adjusting the orthotics she creates.

Meghan Muldoon, CPed (C) is pleased to provide in-home biomechanical and gait analysis, home delivery of your custom-made orthotics, and adjustments as necessary.

As a Certified Pedorthist, Meghan Muldoon is qualified to assess for, fabricate and dispense foot orthotics – however, for insurance claim purposes a prescription is often required from a family doctor, chiropodist, or podiatrist. It is recommended that you check with your insurance provider regarding your coverage. If you are planning for your orthotics to be covered by insurance, please make sure to have a prescription for your assessment with Meghan.

The prices below are inclusive, and there are no additional taxes or charges for travel time or set up if within the service area outlined below. Meghan would be happy to discuss the possibility of requests for in-home service outside this area, please contact her for rates.

 Service Cost
Assessment (Deposit) $200*
Custom-made orthotics $495
Adjustments Complementary

* A $200 deposit is payable at the point of assessment but is counted toward the total cost of the orthotics which is $495.

Service Area


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